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Student Programs

Operation Smile has depended upon students around the world, contributing even for just a brief moment, their youthful energy and imagination to making a child smile. More than 500 Operation Smile Student Associations around the globe build awareness, raise funds and educate students about the values of commitment, leadership and volunteerism. Operation Smile takes two volunteer student educators and a student sponsor on every international medical mission. Students learn how they can impact the future when they help children in need.

Realizing that you have the ability to change another human being's life is the first step in joining the Operation Smile Student Program. Within each of us is a given strength and compassion that will never reach its fullest capacity until we commit to make that step. The children and students need you, but this alone is not the reason you should join our mission. Join us, because you as an individual have the capacity to create a miracle for a child--to touch the face of humanity.

Contact Information

To inquire about Operation Smile's Student Programs, please contact:

Esperant Mulumba
Executive Director
Tel: +254 720 – 971 224


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